NEC X is...

NEC X is designed to fast-track startup companies selected from inside and outside NEC Corp.
Once launched with venture capital investments, NEC X will support business development activities of the startups for to help reach revenue growth.

Blending the strengths of Stand-alone & Corporate startups.
Designed to fast-track startup projects  using *external* accelerators to get them launch-ready.

Accelerate startup development

  • Leverage open innovation
  • Leverage technical IP from original research.

Remodel the biz-dev process

Other programs within NEC X will take advantage of the Silicon Valley location and access to VCs, entrepreneurial ecosystem and US high technology market.

Explore opportunities in new areas


Osamu Fujikawa


Masaki Kondo

Yoshihiko Suemura


Ryota Kikuchi


Ryo Kaneko


Nobu Morita


Daisuke Katsumata


Startup accelerators, VCs and business partners in USA and Japan initially

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