NEC X fast-tracks technologies and innovative business ideas intended to promote the betterment of society now and in the future. Working with Silicon Valley’s incubator and accelerator ecosystem, it leverages cutting-edge technologies emerging from NEC’s global network of laboratories, and research and development facilities.

Finalists for the 2020 Banking Tech Award for the best smart banking tech solution, NEC X and VACO partnered to develop an integrated system solution for BFSI solution using the SX-Aurora TSUBASA AI Platform and VACO’s Cognitive Computing Framework. Now banks can more confidently comply with federally mandated, personally identifiable information data governance regulations. Available now through partners Dasher Technologies and HPE.

NEC X, Inc. builds on the strength of NEC Laboratories’ technologies to accelerate the development of innovative products and services. The company seeks out those driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, cultivating competitive technologies and human resources to make important contributions to NEC’s creation of new social value.