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NEC X was launched by NEC Corp. in 2018 to fast-track technologies and business ideas selected from within NEC as well as external ecosystems.

Here at NEC X we accelerate the development of innovative products and services based on the strengths of NEC Laboratories’ technologies. Companies launched by our Accelerator Program are supported by NEC X in their business development activities to help them achieve revenue growth. We provide options for entrepreneurs, startups and existing companies in the Americas to use NEC’s emerging technologies.


NEC X is designed to fast-track startup companies selected from inside and outside NEC Corp.

SX-Aurora AI Platform

Our SX-Aurora AI Platform is optimally designed with complementary processors that includes a scalar processing unit (SPU) and parallel vector processing unit (VPU), as well as a large memory subsystem all in the form factor of a double wide PCIe 3.0 accelerator card. The SX-Aurora AI Platform also includes middleware specifically developed to simplify programming. This product package is specified to reduce datacenter power utilization for data intensive workloads by off-loading server CPUs and performing all computations in the SX-Aurora TSUBASA accelerator card (vector engine). Use cases for this product includes big data analysis for artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, such as in predictive applications where workloads require large amounts of localized memory. With 192, dual precision FLOPS per cycle, 1.2TB/s memory bandwidth and scalability, this product not only reduces latencies, it also reduces datacenter operating costs. For more information about this product, please contact


VerifEye is a state of the art technology that develops authentication services using unique image matching technology. Just as we all have unique fingerprints, our technology can capture unique patterns from product surfaces that can then be used to identify and authenticate each individual product produced. This technology can be easily adapted to any production line using simple cameras, such as the one on any smartphone. Users can authenticate their products and prevent counterfeit without having to heavily invest in expensive hardware add ons.


Inguo uses cutting edge techniques for causal discovery at such a level of accuracy and efficiency that  hasn’t been experienced in the market before. Causal inference is the old standard which requires you to build models based on hypothesis and proofs with domain expertise in Social Science, Psychology and Economics. Inguo’s revolutionary technology can automate this heavy work load for analysts in all fields and provide models from the data itself visualizing DAGs, key factors, root cause, as well as do predictions and simulations.


NEC X is designed to fast-track startup companies selected from inside and outside NEC Corp.


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