NEC X, Inc. is a venture studio located in Silicon Valley. NEC X fuses game-changing ideas brought by entrepreneurs with NEC’s groundbreaking technology, accelerating startups from inception to launch.

Venture Studio Program “Elev X!

NEC X provides options for entrepreneurs to use NEC’s emerging technologies. Startups launched by the Elev X! Program are supported by NEC X in business development activities. Learn More

Emerging Technology

NEC X drives new, high-potential technology seeds emerging from NEC R&D. Through our Venture Studio Program, ideas grow from the concept stage to the development of a minimum viable product, ready for seed round investment or strategic partnership with another technology vendor. 


NEC X works with startup projects until they are fully launched and graduated from the Venture Studio Program, often with the support of partner venture capital investments to help achieve revenue growth.

Our Team

Shintaro Matsumoto is CEO of NEC X. Previously, he led new business development in the AgriTech field at NEC Corporation, founded NEC’s AgriTech business “CropScope” and established the joint venture DXAS Agricultural Technology in Portugal. Learn More

Our Accolades

NEC X has received the following honors: