NEC X is hiring for a ventures lead who will support our amazing startups together with us. As a ventures lead, you will work with several early-stage startups and NEC’s world-class engineers and researchers to build and scale world-leading startups together.

About NEC X:

Launched by technology giant NEC Corporation in 2018, NEC X, Inc. fast-tracks yearly spinouts. We match our cutting-edge technologies developed at NEC with innovative business ideas brought by entrepreneurs and startup founders (EIRs). NEC X then incubates and accelerates these startups through our program. We are located in Silicon Valley to leverage the startup ecosystem to commercialize through open innovation. Our goal is to build world-leading startups with you!

About the Role:

In this role, you will be a member of the support team with the potential for becoming a co-founder or an early employee of a startup, or a full-time employee at NEC X, though starting from a part-time position.

This role is challenging, fast-paced, and comes with ambiguity. EIRs will be going through the growing pains that all startups have faced from day one. You will work intimately with the EIRs going at it together. EIRs and you will have the vast portfolio of NEC’s technology, the incredible team at NEC X, and a group of star-studded mentors backing you from the get-go.

Want to be a part of a real and impactful startup? NEC X is the place to do it.

You will:

  • Be a member of NEC X support team
  • Source entrepreneurs and early-stage startups and engage them to incubate new startups and to accelerate startups’ development.
  • Interview candidates through the pre-program phase and select the best ones to put them into the program.
  • Support EIRs to conduct Customer Discovery and Customer Validation with NEC X support team and system
  • Understand NEC’s emerging technologies and plan their application into startups’ business.
  • Work with EIRs to ideate, iterate the business idea and hypotheses and validate them.
  • Work with EIRs to build a customer pipeline and secure early-stage engagement agreements in the form of Proof of Concepts (POCs)
  • Work with EIRs to develop business plan (business model, CS/VP design, key resources, partners, etc.)
  • Work with EIRs to pitch to NEC X executives and convince us to be your first investor
  • Work with EIRs to get first paying customers
  • Work with EIRs to perform fundraising to achieve first investment round from outside investors such as angel investors or VC firms
  • Work with EIRs to spin out as a standalone successful startup and raise funds.

You are a good candidate if you have:

  • Experience with the startup ecosystem, whether it is as a copywriter, web designer, product manager, video editor, software engineer, founder, early-stage employee, or as key member of a startup from seed to Series C
  • The ability to tackle ambiguity and decide the best path forward
  • The skills to be an impactful storyteller
  • An understanding of product lifecycle from ideation to launch
  • A natural talent at using customer empathy to understand customer problems and needs
  • 1+ years of work experience in a business, product, or sales role at a technology company
  • Digital marketing expertise
  • UX/UI design expertise
  • Technology market research and documentation skills
  • Hands on coding ability for technical supporters

Note: If you only have some of these but feel you are a strong candidate, we would still like to meet you!

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