NavigateIO is a first commercialized product from a unique infrastructure-free, real-time localization technology, supported by NEC Labs America.

First responders use NavigateIO to track and monitor their crew during emergencies. NavigateIO proactively locates personnel and communicates with mission control visually, precisely, and in real-time without needing GPS. The ability for commanders to constantly visualize the location of their entire crew during emergencies improves safety and decision-making. NavigateIO works for both inside structure fires and in wildfire situations. NavigateIO can also be utilized by police/SWAT crews and the military.


Sukhi Lamba

CEO & Co-Founder

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in his home country of India, Sukhwinder (Sukhi) Lamba moved to the United States. With a passion for creation and transformation, he found himself in roles leveraging technologies ahead of their time. This included five years at Ford in computer-aided engineering and hybrid vehicles in the 1990s and early 2000s. Following that, Sukhi spent eight years working in sales and customer success at IBM during its first rollout of telematics and other solutions. During this time, he earned his M.S. in mechanical engineering and an MBA. These experiences drove his desire to create startups and mentor others in the community.