PII Data Privacy Framework

When paired with the Consulting and Cognitive Computing Framework® from OppLane, the NEC’s SX-Aurora TSUBASA™ artificial intelligence (AI) platform makes it easy to comply with governance regulations requiring personally identifiable information (PII) data redaction.

A Data Privacy Solution

NEC X and OppLane have combined their technology offerings, creating a vertically integrated, semi-custom product for data privacy compliance. Proper safeguards for PII are a mission-critical, operational liability for regulated enterprises. Complying with the many emerging PII privacy directives such as GDPRCCPAPCIHIPAAISO/IEC 27001ISO/IEC 27018, etc., as well as enterprise policies, requires a sizable staff and increasing costs. This data privacy artificial intelligence solution starts with a single-node server and easily scales to meet enterprise requirements. The solution combines OppLane’s Cognitive Computing Framework® and NEC’s SX-Aurora TSUBASA™ advanced vector processor to lower costs and comply with enforceable governance regulations.


By implementing this integrated system solution into your banking, financial services, and insurance workflow, you will improve the precision of financial rules and models; accelerate documentation generation to meet privacy and regulatory needs; enable predictive analytics across industries; interpret customer behaviors; and be able to ingest and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

By the Numbers

By implementing our PII data redaction framework, you’ll realize:

  • 10x reduction in CAPEX costs
  • 70% smaller footprint
  • 2x computational improvement compared to traditional high performance computing servers

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