Corporate Accelerator Program Infographic

At NEC X, we believe technology can change the world. There’s no time to wait—we want to make change happen now. That’s why we created our Corporate Accelerator Program (CAP). This year-long, entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) program is designed to help you launch a successful startup.

Every startup accelerator program in the United States follows a slightly different journey along the exhilarating path of entrepreneurship. Although no one process looks the same, our diverse teams work collaboratively using their own experiences to fine-tune our specific program, significantly increasing the opportunity to create high-achieving startups. We created a CAP infographic to help you easily visualize the adventure our EIRs embark upon.

This infographic walks through each step involved in CAP. Each step is intentional and carefully crafted to bring emerging technologies to market. Our EIRs partner with NEC Labs researchers to identify robust emerging technologies with real business potential, then work closely with the Silicon Valley ecosystem to understand the market and customer needs.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or just looking to get more involved in the exciting activities of Silicon Valley, we think you’ll find this infographic useful.