How It Works

Working with Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem, NEC X offers an 8-12 months program for entrepreneurs starting their new venture. We run several cohorts a year with 4-8 teams each time, providing hands-on support as your co-founders.

NEC X also welcomes early-stage startups looking for technologies. We promote technology collaboration and seed funding outside of the cohorts as well.

What we provide

Hands-On Support

NEC X team and our mentors work with you closely, providing support with diverse expertise.

Product Engineering Support

NEC X’s product engineering team supports you to build disruptive solutions.

Technology & Research Support

Collaboration with the NEC emerging technology.

Workshops & Learning Contents

Small cohort with a handful of workshops and learning content throughout the program.


Up to $400K total, including in-kind investment for business and product development.


Strong network of connections with our partners.

Whom we’re looking for

We are looking for entrepreneurs who have:

  • Experience with working directly with customers
  • Understanding of lean startup principles
  • Extensive domain knowledge and existing network
  • History of successful fundraising or startup activities


Yes, you can apply either as a solo founder or as a team.

Yes, you can. You can tell us the current status of your idea on the application form.

We are open to either B2B or B2C, however, we’ve had more B2B businesses get select and succeed in the short timeframe in our past batches.

We will invite those qualified to a webinar and one or several interviews. You will also be requested to submit your business idea. After the pre-selection, the top 20 candidates will be invited to a workshop and one-on-one session with our coaches. You will refine the idea, then pitch it to the committee. 4-8 teams will be admitted to each program.

Most of the workshops and daily communications are virtual. However, some important sessions are scheduled to be held in person in Silicon Valley.