There are various technology areas and technologies that NEC is focused on to co-create new social values and to pave the way for the future. NEC X expects our founders to spinout through our program and drive forward our mission of disrupting and transforming industries with NEC’s researchers or engineers.

Here are some examples of technologies our past founders have been inspired by.

Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
5G/6G Connectivity
Robot Control

NEC X team will discuss what kind of technologies would fit with your idea during the selection process and the program.

How to collaborate

There are several ways to collaborate with NEC’s technologies and researchers.

Build up your ideas based on NEC’s technologies and researchers’ hypotheses

Match your ideas with relevant technologies and researchers

Have researchers join your team as team members or technology advisors

NEC Global R&D Network

NEC has R&D bases in 7 locations across the world.
The research laboratories closely collaborate with each other while maintaining the regional strengths including local ecosystems.

Takes the Central role in NEC R&D, focusing on AI (recognition, analysis), Security, ICT platform, and other cutting-edge technologies

Development of cutting-edge core technologies

R&D through EU projects and standardization activities

Development of core technologies in AI and NW

Co-creation of innovative solutions with customers and partners, mainly for developed countries

Create core technologies to address the challenges of emerging countries

Promote marketing-type research