Launched by the technology giant NEC Corp. in 2018, NEC X, Inc. fast-tracks technologies and business ideas. We incubate and accelerate innovative startups through providing our Corporate Accelerator Program (CAP) to Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs). Located in Silicon Valley, NEC X leverages NEC’s talent and technology ecosystem to promote commercialization through open innovation. We seek those driven by an entrepreneurial spirit who cultivate competitive technologies and human resources to make important contributions to NEC’s creation of new social value.

About the Role

  • With several startup project batches per year, we’re always on the hunt for tech-savvy change-makers to join us as EIRs. EIRs spend approximately 6-9 months with NEC X going through the CAP. Via our CAP, EIRs go through a multistage process from ideation to the development of a minimum-viable product (MVP) ready for seed round investment or strategic partnership with another technology vendor. EIRs conduct their own market research to assess the needs and opportunities from potential customers, and will propose the solution based on customer needs to deliver value. Together, our team aims to identify disruptive technologies and solutions that will change society for the better.
  • NEC X invests in startup projects throughout the CAP. EIRs are expected to be a founder/CEO and engage with external investors, angels and venture capitalists at the end of the program. NEC X is flexible for spin-out conditions that are negotiable based on the actual contributions. If the startup’s business overlaps with NEC’s, and if an NEC business unit wants to work with the startup, we might discuss additional investments, license agreements for internal use and distribution, or spin-in as a new division in NEC.

You Will

  • Analyze and identify NEC’s emerging technologies to use as the core of your new startup with the end goal of a successful launch.
  • Lead the business development project and be responsible for the team (EIR, technology experts from NEC and NEC supporters)
  • Participate in our CAP and go through a multistage process:
    • Conduct Customer Discovery to find the Problem-Solution Fit, including the following activities: conduct market research, ideate initial business ideas, interview customers, analyze and identify customers’ problems and hypothetical solutions to test, engage potential customers to obtain insights and ideas for the solution, experiment, and access their network.
    • Conduct Customer Validation to validate Product-Market Fit, including the following activities: develop an MVP, test it out with early adopters for Proof of Concept (POC), build a marketing and engineering team, develop the business model and reach out to potential investors.
    • Provide regular updates to NEC technology experts, NEC X executives, and supporters throughout the CAP.
    • Deliver a presentation at each decision gate and create a proposal on the next steps. At each decision gate, NEC X executives will make a Go/No-Go decision. Later on in the CAP, NEC X executives will then make the final spin-in/spin-out decision.
  • Launch the business:
    • Develop the launch product, ready for commercial use.
    • In case of incorporation:
      • Engage potential investors to get external investment.
      • Discuss the detailed conditions of spin-out with NEC X, and incorporate a company by hiring legal and accounting experts.
      • Note: Deliverables such as market research reports, interview records, customer contacts, branding and creative work, MVP design, as well as software and/or hardware developed in the project are temporarily owned by NEC X, and subject to exchange with equity. All work will be transferred and owned by the startup, and accompanying patents will be licensed when the startup is spun out and incorporated. Each startup can create its own IP in addition to the transferred and/or licensed IP.

You Have

  • An entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for driving innovation forward
  • The desire to improve society through technology and solve customer pain points
  • A strong interest in problem-solving and working in teams
  • A strong network within Silicon Valley and/or the startup community
  • Expertise and knowledge about customer, industry and ecosystem
  • A capability of product design, business design and execution as a leader of the startup project
  • A bachelor’s degree in business, engineering or related field
  • Work experience in product management, business development and entrepreneurship

You are a great candidate if you have

  • Ever launched a successful startup before
  • Led and completed a seed or series A – C fundraising round
  • Worked as an executive at a hypergrowth startup

Your NEC X Resources

  • Access to NEC’s core technologies
  • Pre-seed investment for marketing and engineering
  • Supporters for operations such as budget allocation, legal support and license issues
  • Workshops
  • Startup advisory
  • Monthly compensation and reimbursement of expenses

If interested, please submit your application by sending us an email with your résumé/CV.

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