NEC X is a corporate accelerator, constantly driving innovation forward. With a couple of batches of startup projects per year, we are always on the hunt to find tech-savvy changemakers to join us as Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs). It is our goal to identify disruptor technologies that will change society for the better, utilizing the innovative Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Our EIRs assess the different projects being developed from NEC Labs, to leverage as the foundation of a new startup. The EIR identifies the market, product fit, MVP and V1, and fundraising goals. 

This role will heavily rely on an EIR’s existing network within markets and the VC community. After a set amount of time (6 months – 1 year), the EIR will be required to either have the startup receive outside funding or be spun into NEC’s core businesses.

In this role, the EIR will take the lead in customer discovery and validation to uncover a business opportunity that will attract sophisticated angel investors and later venture capital investment (e.g., potential for high growth and a large opportunity).

To help you, we will provide:

  • access to various human resources
  • licensing of NEC lab core technologies
  • workshops on proven product-led growth strategies and how to leverage them for your startup
  • office hours with coaches & domain advisers
  • budget for the project and compensation

If interested, submit your application from Join-Us or send us an email with your résumé/CV and business ideas using the technologies above.

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