We are hiring product managers for some of our amazing startups that will be spinning out from NEC X in 2022. These startups have completed Customer Discovery, and are currently in the Customer Validation phase, aiming to raise seed funding.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to join an early-stage startup as one of the founding members!

Startup #1 Drone Rescue Service Startup

This drone technology startup is building a platform to rapidly locate people and resources, using core localization technology with drone and LTE communication. The team is engaging customers in U.S. law enforcement agencies to jointly work on proof-of-concept together. They are looking for a product manager who can lead drone autopilot, UI design, user research and wireless device product design.

Startup #2 Video Advertisement Platform Startup (Stealth mode)

This video advertisement startup provides significant value to global brands using automated video personalization technology. They are building a core engineering team and are looking for an experienced product manager who can lead UX/UI, video ad template design for brands and customer success.

Startup #3 Mental resilience app and community management service

This startup provides community-based mental resilience services and is run by a great leadership team experienced in content design and medical nutrition. It has a unique method of group matching and community support using AI/ML. They are currently looking for a product manager associate who can lead marketing, promotion, user research and enhance product design.

Startup #4 Insole sensor for medical and healthcare (Stealth mode)

With strong customer engagement with US hospitals regarding Parkinson’s disease (PD), this startup provides insoles that analyze PD patients’ gait through its core sensor technology. They are looking for a product manager associate who can lead on-site support, user research and final product design.

Details are to be explained by the founder in the interview.

Please submit your information from here, selecting one of the projects you are interested in.